When it comes to reaching customers, more than one path can lead to success. That’s why Digidaze doesn’t start and end with the internet. Digidaze offers a full range of digital and traditional marketing services to provide the very best results.

Website Design

The Art of Generating New Business
Success online takes skill. Not only does your website need to stand out from the crowd and speak to your target audience, it needs to be found. Digidaze knows how to artfully craft websites so that they are visually pleasing and engineered with search engines in mind.

Google Placement

Google AdWords – Google Sponsored Listings – Google Pay-Per-Click
Google’s AdWords program – sometimes called Google sponsored listings or Google pay-per-clicks – is the fastest way to get your site to the top of Google. You’re in complete control of your budget, when and where you spend it. Let Digidaze either set up a Google AdWords program for you to manage, or let us handle both the set up and management. Click here to learn more about our Google Placement services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization
If you have a nice website, but customers can’t find you when they’re searching, it’s like being invisible. More than 80% of people searching for goods and services search online. Digidaze can help get your site not only noticed, but well-ranked for key terms that your customers are using to find businesses like yours.

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Social Media Marketing

Build a Stronger Brand and Customer Base through Social Media
No matter what business you’re in, your customers are using some form of social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – people are consuming content from social media networks daily. Digidaze can create a business presence for you on social media network for you to manage, or let Digidaze do the management for you.

Click here to learn more about Digidaze’s Social Media Placement.

Sales Support

Make All of Your Marketing Efforts Work Toward Sales
When all of your marketing efforts are in sync, they can work beautifully together to shorten your sales cycle. By supporting your sales staff with the right tools and information, and ensuring all of your marketing efforts are cohesive, we can do just that.

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Traditional Marketing

More Than One Path Leads to Success
Why put all of your eggs in one basket by relying solely on Internet marketing when customers can be reached in limitless ways? Digidaze offers effective traditional marketing services including print advertising, mailers, broadcast advertising and more.

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