Facebook Pages

Many businesses today already have a Facebook presence. But most do not truly know how detailed that presence can be, or how to best leverage the tool. Setting up your business on Facebook is relatively easy. With little more than an e-mail address and a profile picture, you can set yourself up with a page. But for the more savvy Facebook business page administrators, it goes far beyond that. Facebook, with a little programming know-how, allows you to create multiple web-based pages on your Facebook business page. Because these pages are pulled from the web, you have the ability to add video, animations, forms – anything that can be done on a regular website. Facebook can become a sub-website for you.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads – those little image and text-based listings that you see on the right side of your Facebook page – are available to anyone. Facebook’s model is similar to Google pay-per-click, where you only pay when your ad is clicked. You control the amount that you spend daily, and you choose the type of people and geographic region your ad shows up in. Link your ad to your website, or link it to your Facebook business page. Digidaze can help set up and manage your Facebook advertising program, track the results and ensure that you are seeing a good return. We know the types of ads that will work best, and how to increase your conversion rating.

Facebook Places

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have seen some of your friends ‘check in’ at various locations around town. A message pops up ‘Sally Smith just checked in at Bob’s Bagel Shop in Soho’. A little map icon appears, and you have the ability to click into that location. If you have a store or showroom location, Facebook Places allows you to claim your place by using a mobile device. Once you claim your place, visitors to your location have the ability to check in, thus spreading the word about your business. Digidaze can help get your Facebook Place set up.

So Much More on Facebook!

Facebook is adding new tools and toys all the time. Vying to be the place to get and share information, connect with friends and entertain yourself, Facebook is ever-changing. And while you may not have the time or interest in keeping up with the latest and greatest things on Facebook, we will!