You Don’t Need to Know Google – You Need Digidaze

Trying to figure out how to get your website placed on Google can be daunting. While Google’s services are open to anyone, it takes a bit of know-how to navigate their system and get your business properly established. Digidaze was founded on helping companies get found on search engines and social media.


Google AdWords – Google Sponsored Listings – Google Pay-per-click

Google’s AdWords program – sometimes called Google sponsored listings or Google pay-per-clicks – is the fastest way to get your site to the top of Google. You’re in complete control of your budget, when and where you spend it. Let Digidaze either set up a Google AdWords program for you to manage, or let us handle both the set up and management.

Google Business Listings

Ever search on Google and wonder why some businesses have their listing next to a map with a map marker next to it? That is the result of Google having a Business Listing in their database. Digidaze can create a Google business listing, and even enhance it with features like photos, video and direct links into your website.

Google Organic Listings

Great rankings in the unpaid area of a Google search – or the organic listings – is achieved through proper search engine optimization. Click here for more information on search engine optimization.

Want to Know More About Google?

In our article – Understanding Google – we cover the Google basics and provide insights into how Google works and what your business can do to take advantage of what Google has to offer.

Click here to view the article Understanding Google.