The Tools You Need to Succeed

Home improvement marketing is a specialty at Digidaze. We know the right combination of marketing activities that will increase your business, no matter what your budget. From online marketing to traditional advertising, Digidaze will devise a marketing plan to move your business forward.

Lead Generation

The name of the game in home improvement marketing is lead generation. And not just a lot of leads, a lot of good leads. Leads that come to you and only you – not to you and 10 other contractors. The home improvement marketing professionals at Digidaze know what it takes to get leads flowing into your home improvement business. We start by taking a look at your business and what makes it unique. Then we analyze your target market and geographic reach. We take a look at your current marketing activities, and we develop a plan that fits your needs and budget. The highest success rate in lead generation comes from a combination of marketing efforts that includes the web, print, direct and broadcast. Depending on your budget, we work with you on a home improvement marketing strategy that will work for you.

Sales Support

While lead generation is the first step in landing new home improvement customers, solid sales support is the next. With the proper sales tools, your sales team can reduce the sales cycle, provide customers with confidence in your home improvement company, and cut his or her time down for maximum productivity. Home improvement sales support from Digidaze provides all the tools your sales team needs, including video, online and hard copy presentations, brochures and collateral materials and online resources.

How Much Will It Cost?

Digidaze was founded to help small businesses obtain a strong digital presence. Our digital marketing packages are affordable for virtually any business. We offer one-time services such as Google AdWords account creation, Google Business Listings, Social Media Marketing on places like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon, Living So and more, website search engine optimization and on-going monthly services as well.