Not Just Staying in Business, Thriving in Business

As a small business owner, you’re not in business to struggle to stay in business, you’re in business to thrive. As a fellow small business, Digidaze understands the unique position that small business owners are in – you’re busy! Busy trying to run your business, satisfy customers and keep your staff happy and productive. And marketing your business? Well, that can often be a luxury that you engage in…when you have the time. Digidaze works with small business owners to keep their business marketing moving. Consistency is key when staying visible and relevant to your clients, and continuing your marketing efforts – when you’re busy and when you’re slow – is critical.

Let Us Be Your Marketing Department

Digidaze also knows that small business often don’t have the resources to employ a marketing department – or sometimes even a marketing coordinator. Business owners and managers often wear the marketing hat, and therefore must rely on outside firms to assist with their web efforts, client outreach and direct marketing. Digidaze is set up to become your marketing department. For a flat monthly rate, we can scope out a set of monthly marketing activities that works for your business, and your budget.

Contact Digidaze today at 1-855-DIGIDAZE to see how we can develop a plan to consistently market your small business, and help you thrive.